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Life with a pet is full of surprises. Whether he is a puppy or older, he will always have many tricks to play. Sometimes he starts decorating by ransacking your storage. Other times he is so cuddly that he won't let you work, and sometimes he just wants to play hide-and-seek. This last point is often a stressful problem for the owner. He does not just hide in the garden, but rather disappears without warning, and you find him miles from your home. Or even worse, you can't find him. Dogs run away for several reasons. This may be a fault in training, difficulty in adaptation, curiosity, or other possible causes.

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In general, this is always a response to a natural instinct. Dog's survival instinct will lead him to look for food if he is undernourished, for example. Like all living beings, dogs draw their energy from what they eat. Similarly, they will run away if they don't feel safe. This is especially true for dogs whose training is not adequate to their character: the handler is too severe or mistreats them. Dogs also run away during stormy periods. They can't stand the noise and try to find a more comforting place. It is also possible that the dog may run away because he lacks affection or activities. Walks, hugs, etc. are essential for the animal's development. 


Single dogs often run away during hot weather. Female or male, both feel the need to satisfy their desire, to respond to their reproductive instinct. To solve this problem, some owners opt for castration. Thus, non-breeding males no longer face this crisis. An adopted dog could go looking for his old life or family.




The tracking collars all give the location of the dog, but do not work in the same way. The types of marking collars are as follows:



This type of tracking collar works from the GSM network of your phone. This means that the coverage area of the device depends on that of your phone. As long as the animal is in this area, you will find it. The range of the device is, therefore, almost unlimited. The collar will be able to send its signal to your smartphone as long as the dog is in the coverage area. Owners who like to travel choose this type of tracking collar because of this very beneficial option for this use. reviewed Mishiko as one of the best Trackers in the market and gave the following PROS & CONS:

  • Nice and modern design
  • No subscription needed
  • Coverage and refreshment rate is good in the city
  • Activity monitor and Geofence function


  • You can find cheaper options
  • Coverage is very poor outside the city, where GSM signal is Weaker



The radio / GPS tracker collars work much like walkie-talkies. They do not use a GSM network and can reach a range of 120 km if the area is clear. As a result, this device does not require a GSM network to operate and is reliable even if the animal is not in a telephone coverage area. This type of device combines old and new technology.



As its name suggests, you can track your dogs by this type of collar thanks to the beep it emits. The collar makes different sounds when the dog is on or off. For example, the beeps are spaced when the dog runs, and they accelerate when the dog stops. This way, the handler can easily recognize that the dog has reached prey. As a result, the beep soundtracking collar has been specially designed for hunting dogs, primarily pointing dogs. You can recognize the signal with different melodies, beep, and volume frequencies. The operating modes and settings available depend on the make and model.



Some models offer additional features to make it easier for you. Be aware that the more functions there are, the higher the price will be. So be careful not to spend money on features you won't even use. The GPS collar can be used as an anti-fugue collar. Some devices are equipped with electrostimulation, vibration, or beep modes. Others will send you an SMS alert when your pet tries to cross the "safety zone" you have defined yourself.

The activity tracker allows you to follow all the movements of your Pet: route, distance, speed. Some collars even have a real-time tracking system. The tracing update time can be adjusted up to 2 seconds.

GPS collars are generally waterproof, and therefore robust. That being said, make sure that the robustness is appropriate for your pet. A chihuahua doesn't need a heavy collar, for example. Finally, the available cards and application interface may vary depending on the device.

Radio / GPS collars are more accurate thanks to the combination of old and new technology. The connected GPS collars have less accuracy but show the area where the pet is located.

Make sure the collar is suitable for your dog's size. There are collars for large or small dogs. Make sure that the device does not disturb the pet, especially if it is a hunting dog.

The collar works using a battery. Choose the one that best suits you. Also, make sure that the battery life of the device matches your needs and usage patterns. If you hunt for a long time where there is no power source, don't go for a collar with 2 days of autonomy.

GPS antenna Dog Collar Do you prefer a collar directly connected to your smartphone? If so, those that work with a GPS network will suit you. Some brands require a 3G internet connection to operate while others have built-in Wi-Fi. Other models operate by radio waves but require the use of a special box, which could become cumbersome. But thanks to its association with GPS, you can receive the signal at any time.

How often do you need to know your pet's position? This can vary from 2 to 30 seconds, depending on your needs.

The pet position can be transmitted directly to your smartphone or computer. Some models are delivered directly with a tablet or special device. You choose the one that will be most convenient for you.

The range generally depends on the network used. If it operates by GSM, the range corresponds to the telephone coverage area. If the collar operates by radio waves, the range does not exceed 120 km without obstacles.

Basically, a collar is used on a dog. But now, some kits offer you the possibility to follow up to 12 dogs.

This advanced technology offers you peace of mind and saves you from stress towards your pet. No more fear of not finding your pup in the garden when you get home or always worrying about where he might be. The GPS system is the ideal device for hunting dogs, wild dogs, or runaways. In all three cases, you give him total freedom while keeping your calm, since you are sure to find him again.

Thus, you will be able to carry out distance training and even have the possibility to monitor it in real-time, knowing its movements to within a few seconds. You can use the GPS collar as an anti-fugue system or take advantage of the additional features offered on some models.